SOFTWARE: For PATHWAY we generate our plans and monitor intraday activity through the use of INVESTOR RT & WINDOTRADER BLUE.  We are happy to share our templates and workspaces upon request.  We also provide templates for use with THINKORSWIM from TD AMERITRADE.


WINDOTRADER TWP DISCOUNT: As a member of the TWP community, you can get access to discounted pricing for WINDOTRADER LITE and WINDOTRADER BLUE.  Click on the links to begin setting up your WINDOTRADER account.

NOTE:  Windotrader is not an execution platform.  It is simply a charting package.  Also, it requires a data feed to get real-time quotes.  WT pairs with DTN and Barchart.  If you have a funded account through either CAPITAL TRADING GROUP or EDGECLEAR, you can qualify for a CME data waiver for non-professionals and get real-time data for the 4 US main futures exchanges at a significant discount


For THINKORSWIM templates, right click on the button and select “copy link”  Then go into THINKORSWIM and go to “set-up” -> “open shared item” -> paste the link into the field. -> “import

If you use MotiveWave or EdgeClear, you can now import TRADEPLAN levels for RTY, NQ, and ES into your platforms.

Here is a template of our tradeplan and quicksheet templates.  Feel free to open in google sheets and make a copy to use as your own.