Congratulations on joining our PROFILE TRADING DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY by selecting one of our PATHs(By default, all PATHWAY trials begin with access to GROUP_PATHWAY features.  After the trial, access to some features of GROUP_PATHWAY are removed if SELF-STUDY is desired).

We believe very strongly that consistent market success does not happen by accident. Having a plan for any trading session is crucial to seeing good results.  Our daily tradeplan is designed for anyone seriously interested in using the profile as the foundation of active trading and investing in the day time frame (looking to enter and exit positions in the same day session).

Each day you will see our preparation for markets as an example for the types of inputs you can include in your own approach to markets.  The goal is not to mimic our plan, but use it as a template and guide while you build your own.

Each week we will work together to build a systematic approach to applying profiling methods and tools to whatever product you choose to trade.

Throughout your time with us, you will learn how to build and hone your understanding of market behavior so that you can develop an approach to trading and investing that works.  Our goal is that we will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours either taking losses or spending money on trading systems, indicators and fast talking “trading educators” that simply want your money, not your success.

This page serves as part of your orientation and gets you started with our PROFILE TRADING DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY and our accompanying TRADEPLANs.  Please read through everything carefully in each of the tabs of this page to get the most value out of the PROFILE DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY and the TRADEPLAN  (Please keep a link to this page accessible for review).

  1. Use our 7 day trial to assess if TRADEPLAN and the PROFILE DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY is the best next step for your trading development.  If you decide to continue with us after the trial, you will be billed monthly depending on your selected PATHWAY level ($225/month for SELF-STUDY or $390/month for GROUP_PATHWAY). This will take you through all 16 modules of the pathway. After you have completed the 16 modules, you are welcome to stay with our community beyond the 16 weeks and do another round.  (If you are part of GROUP_PATHWAY and select to continue with us after the 16 modules, your monthly contribution will be reduced to $85/month). Our goal is progressively reduced dependence on Trade With Profile.
  2. We will expose you to our approach and rationale for approaching markets using profiling tools and the auction theory the tools are based upon.
  3. Our goal is to help you accelerate your development in reading the profile so that it becomes a foundation for your trading system and approach that will last you for as long as you are active in markets.
  4. Bring an attitude and desire to learn so that you can become independently competent. This is for those who want to think, not those who just want us to do the thinking for them.

So, kick the tires, seek understanding, build your approach and interact with our daily plans and development modules as you are developing your own daily approach to markets.

Finally, Give us feedback. Let us know what’s working for you and what isn’t. This service exists to help you be a better independent trader. If that isn’t happening, we want to know. Please review expectations and assurances for our work together.

Let’s do this!

Josh & the TWP team