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Learn to make better trading decisions and gain profiling mastery by using our trading plan

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Learn how to build your profile trading plan, while following ours

We help traders build trading skill.  Traders who work with us are focused on developing the skills and ability to gain market consistency.  Once this base of skill is developed and expressed through consistency, traders then focus on sizing (expressing edge in greater size) and breadth (expressing edge in more markets)

Successful and predictable trading performance does not come from chance.  It comes from due diligence, risk management and mental resilience.

Part of the due diligence is immersion in a trusted process and building a plan of action and consistent skill.

We invite developing traders to build their trading skill by participating with our TRADEPLAN where we demonstrate mastery of OUR PATHWAY TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE AUCTION CONSISTENCY, so that you can use the profile to make better trading decisions!

To participate in our 16 MODULE PATHWAY, you must select a TRADEPLAN.  TRADEPLAN is where our PATHWAY is put to action. This is the pathway and plan we’ve developed to guide our trading and we believe it will help you learn how to profile, make better trading decisions and take more profits!

If you desire to incorporate profiling into your trading approach, we believe the best way to do that is to equip you with comprehensive auction understanding and then expose you to real-time examples where you can see how we interpret the auction through the lens of the profile.

Our TRADEPLAN offers daily examples of both day trade and swing trade opportunities in futures markets (though applicable to stock and forex markets). With the profile as our guide, we define a directional bias, scrutinize past behavior, interpret profile structure, identify opportunities and manage risk

For day and swing trades, we look at 6 futures asset classes (EQUITIES, ENERGY, METALS, CURRENCIES, TREASURIES, GRAINS)

Just like every soldier going onto the battlefield needs a plan, so does every profile trader. While you learn to build your own plan, use our plan as an example.

Praise for our PATHWAY & TRADEPLANs

“I am loving it, my confidence is at an all time high! Thank you, thank you!” – Mandeep Sacramento, CA

“Not to blow smoke up your A$$, I have been in A LOT of rooms over the years. This is without a doubt the best. The education is outstanding and there are no ego’s. I’ll be with you for a while. Just in the 2 weeks or so I have learned so much and most important is the patience I have developed through following you” – Rob Maplewood, NJ

“Working with you was the tipping point for me to become profitable. I really think you are changing the “trading education industry” with what you are doing.” –  Rey San Diego, CA

Notice: Derivatives trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results


  • Many of my trades I enter without a plan and hope for the best.
  • I’ve already spent too much time and money on trading education that didn’t work, if this doesn’t work I’m probably going to quit.
  • I understand that successful trading is going to take work, but I’m not sure that I have a process that will work, even if I put in the time.
  • I struggle with trading consistency.  I have some winners, but my losers either erase my gains, or leave me at a net loss.
  • I want to know what market behavior to pay attention to and what behavior to ignore.
  • I have the same expectation for trading opportunities in every session and I’ve often been disappointed when it doesn’t.
  • I’ve been exposed to profiling tools and Auction Theory and I believe they work, I just haven’t been able to translate that into something actionable.
  • When I put on a trade, I don’t know how to tell if I’m right and should stay in the trade or wrong and need to exit the trade.  
  • How can I use graphical profiling tools to organize market information and discern areas of interest?
  • What behavior should I expect from the market when price enters an area of interest and what is unexpected?
  • What kind of prep should I do before the market opens?
  • How do I put together an actionable trade plan?
  • What kind of review should I do of the prior trading session to prep for the following day?
  • How do I determine a bias (long/short) for the coming trading session, and how would I know if that bias shifted mid session?
  • How do I determine price levels in the auction that offer better probability of good trading outcomes?
  • How do I construct trade ideas for the coming trading session?
  • How do I know whether the trading session for a given product offers good opportunity?
  • Gain a fundamental and rigorous framework for approaching markets that will be a foundation for continued growth and development.
  • See the methodical and disciplined approach to markets that is needed in successful trading.
  • See how to apply AMT every day in several futures products.
  • Learn how to review auction activity in preparation for the coming trading session.
  • Get feedback on your trade plans and execution to help you build your tradeplan around structures and set-ups you can more easily identify.
  • Learn how to identify good trading days from poor trading days.
  • Traders begin by viewing a 1HR Orientation video to prepare for participation with TRADEPLAN and our DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY (16 MODULE framework designed to help discretionary traders (1) understand the 4 behaviors present in every auction (and how to identify them) ​ (2) the 4 questions every trader should answer before putting on a trade (and how to answer them) (3) ​Understand the 4 stages of trader competency (and how to know which one you are in))
  • SUNDAY EVENING we publish a weekly outlook video for with areas on interest for the coming week in 6 futures asset classes along with insight into expected auction behavior.
  • MON, TUES, THURS & FRIDAY we post the TRADEPLAN worksheet and accompanying profile charts either by email (TRADEPLAN) or into the designated channel in Slack. (GROUP & 1ON1 TRADE PLAN) each day. For GROUP and 1ON1 TRADEPLANs, updates are made through the day in the slack as the auction structure evolves.
  • MONDAY AFTERNOON – GROUP & 1ON1 TRADEPLAN participants are taken through 1 module of our PROFILE DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY.  Through the rest of the week, TRADEPLAN (GROUP & 1ON1 TRADE PLAN) participants work on PATHWAY homework and examples to ensure mastery of the module content and how to use it in improving trading decisions. The recording of the session is made available to all TRADEPLAN participants.
  • TUESDAY AFTERNOON we host and record a wrap-up call that reviews the morning’s plan, what went according to plan and what didn’t, and what trades were generated from our facilitator’s plans. (GROUP & 1ON1 TRADE PLAN are invited to participate live)
  • WEDNESDAYS are #whatsyourplanwednesday? – TRADEPLAN participants focus on delivering their own plan for review and recommendations.  TWP does not publish full plan worksheets (just updates to current plans) instead encouraging participants to submit their own.
  • THURSDAY MORNINGS we (GROUP & 1ON1 TRADE PLAN) trade live and look for trades based off the morning’s plan. Recordings are provided to all TRADEPLAN participants.
  • TRADEPLAN offers demonstration trade ideas which are live trades taken by our facilitating team.  TRADEWITHPROFILE does not provide trade recommendations (We do offer trade assistance and ideas with GROUP & 1ON1 TRADEPLAN). Instead it calls to attention auction structure and the probable behavior that structure likely creates.  Discretionary traders identify these behaviors and determine risk and size, entry, targets, and stops.
  • GROUP TRADEPLAN and 1ON1 TRADEPLAN participants are encouraged to ask questions as the trading sessions progresse in SLACK, using the TRADEPLAN as a reference for questions and auction education.
  • TRADEPLAN is prepared by our team of facilitators with 25+ years of full-time market participation expressed in both the institutional and retail space
  • Email address.
  • Some background on your trading (requested after joining).
  • Access to monitor futures markets in real-time so that you can follow the markets in real-time.
  • Insight into your trading objectives: part-time swing, professional daytrading, prop firm, CTA, self-directed.
  • Market and Volume Profiling Software (If you don’t have profiling software, we can make recommendations).
  • PARTICIPATE! Ask questions if something is not clear.  This service is for your education. You’ll get out of it what you put into it.
  • TRANSPARENCY.  If you aren’t honest about what’s working and what’s not, you will likely deceive yourself and sabotage your eventual success.
  • An attitude and desire to learn so that you can become independently competent.  This is for those who want to think, not those who want us to do the thinking for them.
  • A WEEKLY REPORT CARD to our facilitating team to keep you focused on systematic trading skill progress.

Our plans are designed to take you through the necessary steps to ACHIEVE OUR PATHWAY OBJECTIVES.  Once the objectives are complete, we welcome you to remain part of our community (at a reduced fee), or graduate you to enjoy your new competence and confidence with the profile!


Multiple Options For Your Development

While the objectives are the same, each plan represents a different level of immersion and attention from our team.  Pick the plan you feel would best serve your needs.  If you are unsure which plan to pick, schedule a call with us.

Why Choose Us

Our TRADEPLAN is where we put the concepts of our OUR PATHWAY TO ACCOMPLISH 3 OBJECTIVES in action. These are the tools and approaches we use for success in today’s challenging and every changing markets.

Also, we are focused on your success.  If you don’t succeed as a trader, then we’ve failed.  Our success is a byproduct of the success we help you achieve!

How To Get Started
  1. Select your plan based on the level of engagement you would like.
    1. TRADEPLAN is for self-directed study.  We’ll get you started and then it’s up to you.
    2. GROUP TRADEPLAN is an immersive group learning environment.  Discuss profile application in real-time trading environments with other participants.  Allow our team to systematically take you through our PROFILE DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY. This is the best value.
    3. 1ON1 TRADEPLAN is perfect for the trader who wants to accelerate toward profiling mastery.  This is an intense and accelerated development path for the ambitious trader.
  2. Watch the 1HR orientation video to become aware of the terms we use and what plans will look like.
  3. Begin constructing your own daily plan as you interact with the TWP team and the published TRADEPLAN
The Usual Workflow
  • Each plan begins with an orientation and an interview (for GROUP & 1on1 TRADEPLAN) to help you get the most out of your plan.
  • You will begin to receive the trade plans and use them as examples for how we express our opinion on the market as seen through the profile and the principles of our PROFILING DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY
  • Participants actively engage with the process and let our team know what’s working and what’s not working so that we can make adjustments along the way.
  • Each TRADEPLAN will expose you to concepts and examples needed to help you achieve the process objectives and work toward trading consistency.



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