Many traders come to profiling because they have heard that it could help them gain an edge in their trading.  However, when they start trying to use profiling, it’s often very confusing.  

We exist to demystify the tools and help you unlock their potential for your trading.

Regardless of the financial product, you choose to trade (stocks, futures or forex), it is helpful to know that financial products are traded in continuous auctions.  Price movement is the result of the constant exploration of buyers and sellers as the auction progresses.

Since their inception, auctions have always operated on a fundamental understanding of value.  Participants in auctions have perceptions of value and they position themselves around it.  The behavior of auction participants is a clue to how they perceive value and what they are likely to do next.

As profile traders, we are not by nature technical analysts or researchers of fundamental economics.  We are observers of behavior.  We let the auction do the talking and we use profiling tools as the bedrock of our trading approach.   It keeps us at the forefront of what’s happening and keeps us from being distracted by hours of tedious market research.

Become a behaviorist and benefit from the edge that comes from seeing markets differently!