Whether you are in an office or on the go, don't try and DIY your trading education. Instead, stay connected to a community of active traders and investors, using profiling tools, and committed to furthering their trading skill and consistency.


TRADEWITHPROFILE's SLACK TEAM will give you daily insight into building your own plan and approach to markets, by participating with others who use profiling tools to arrange market information and determine market opportunities
Chat rooms and trading are as old as the internet. It's as if once the trading floors started losing to the screens, the need for community went digital.

Often, a trading chat room centers around the insight of 1 or a few ``lead traders`` and ``subscribers`` gain access to observe the comments and insight of the traders.

Many times, these chat rooms devolve into places where people eager to participate in capital markets look for someone to call out trades that they can execute.

Someone who executes the trades that someone else calls out is not a trader, he or she is simply an orderfiller.

We are for traders, not orderfillers.

It's been true for over a century that any time someone has found an edge in markets, that edge is eventually arbitraged away. The only ones who have held onto edge are the ones who adapt to the market and the new opportunities that emerge.

So, how do we combat this? How can we keep trading edge once we've found it?

We do it with community and creativity. We take what will never change about markets and we apply creative problem solving to adapt to the things about markets that are and will change. The TRADEWITHPROFILE SLACK Team is a community of traders looking not only to define edge in markets, but keep it up once attained.

With the introduction of SLACK, we now have a platform for communication that supercedes what chat rooms offered and allows us to continue honing our edge and trading craft.

Traders who participate in our immersive profile development pathway use SLACK as a platform to quickly share screenshots, videos, quick team meetings, homework, ideas, and yes….some diversions

SLACK is like a chat room, but it's so much more. It connects to other services and apps. It works on multiple platforms. It's quicker than email and it gives us a dependable space on the interwebs to do our work.

Our community of developing traders has tested SLACK for years and we're now ready to open to others.

We've worked hard to build a culture focused on continuous improvement. Culture is hard to build and easy to wreck. We've worked very hard to build a community that stays connected to the idea that regardless of where a trader is in his or her trading development, at one point, he or she didn't know anything either.

That means we have grace for those who are trying to figure this game out, and we have very little patience for those who look with judgement on others because they haven't figured it out yet.

So, if you want a tribe of profiling traders to call your own, a tribe where you can continue to hone your craft (or even get a great start), welcome home!

Notice: trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results


  • Is profiling for me, or would I be better off looking at a different method of approach to capital markets?
  • Which trading products best fit my skill, timeframe and amount of capital
  • What are some simple strategies I can use as a beginner?
  • Where can I go to continue building on my foundation?
  • How can I simplify my approach instead of wading through endless trading webinars and youtube how-to videos
  • You are already applying profiling tools and want to bounce ideas off other traders who use the profile
  • You are intrigued by the idea of profiling tools, but you want to see examples of use before investing much more
  • You want to be connected to other traders who are passionate about doing the hard work neccessary to build a rigurous and robust approach to markets
  • You want to be somewhere that you can feel protection and permission to ask questions you may believe you should already know the answer to .
  • Your ego requires you to put others down because they don’t know what know (trading is hard enough, we don’t need you make a struggling trader feel worse).
  • If you want people to feed you trades, because you don’t to do the hard work of learning the auction so you can build your own trades (we are for traders, not orderfillers)
  • If you are unwilling to share what the auction is teaching you with others  (selfishness is at odds with community).
  • If you are unwilling to share where you are struggling (what is not addressed doesn’t get better).
  • If you are unwilling to take steps to hold yourself accountable in your trading, including considering more intensive trading development if it is merited.
  • Join our team using the link below, or click here.
  • Be on the lookout for an invitation to our SLACK team.
  • Once inside of SLACK, introduce yourself to the team.
  • Be on the lookout for additional emails or messages to help you get up to speed with how our community works
  • Check in each weekday to find valuable insight into capital markets.  We regularly discuss Futures, Options on Futures, and Stock Options.  Our PATHWAY/TRADEPLAN participants focus on Nasdaq, S&P, Crude Oil, and Gold Futures, while also looking at Grains, Meats, and Currencies.  We also look at several ETF and “Stocks in Play”
  • Learn from profiling examples we post only to SLACK
  • See how to build trade ideas using profiling tools
  • Contact Information.
  • Your trading/investing background and desired outcomes from trading.
  • A platform or website that allows you to monitor real-time market prices (stocks, options, futures, forex) for reference and so that you can do the exercises (recommendations are provided).
  • Market and/or Volume Profiling Software (recommendations are provided).
  • PARTICIPATE! Ask questions if something is not clear. This course is for your education. You’ll get out of it what you put into it.
  • An attitude and desire to share with others and learn from others so that you can become independently competent. This is for those who want to think, not those who just want us to do the thinking for them.

TRADEWITHPROFILE’s SLACK TEAM is designed to give you access to daily commentary and news related to the use of profiling tools in discerning capital market opporunities. It is not intended to replace more indepth trading development.  If you are not yet a consistently profitable trader, consider selecting one of our trading plans, designed to immerse traders into profiling via our PROFILE DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY. As always, feel free to schedule a call with our team to discuss these and other options for your further development

Any active participant in one of our immersive trading plans is included in our SLACK team for the duration of his or her development program.


First You Get Slack Access, Next Come The Tattoos!

We care deeply for our community and the thriving of those inside. If you want a tribe of profiling traders to call your own, a tribe where you can continue to hone your craft, welcome home!

We’ve worked hard to build a tribe centered around competence and consistency.  We care more about managing risk and building processes that help us make better trading decisions.  Process, then profits.

If that resonates with you, welcome home.   If, however,  you mess with our tribe, it’s not going to go well.

If you are unsure whether you should get that tribal tattoo, schedule a call with us.

Why Choose Us

We are not going to sugar coat it.  Active trading and investing is the hardest way to make easy money.  Approached without care, it will put a dent in your wealth.  For some, it will remove it.

Over the past 3 years we’ve built a community of devoted, process driven traders who will serve as your guides and friends.  They are consistent traders.  In this business, consistency leads to profit.

We don’t care if you are as good as someone else, we want to help you be as good as you want to be.

How To Get Started

Join our team by using the form below.  Look for an invitation to our SLACK team.  This will prompt you to download apps for any and all platforms (PC, MAC, Web, Android, or iOS) so that you can be in contact with the team as often or as little as you like.  The benefit of SLACK is that you can access it when you have time and interest.

The Usual Workflow

Once you have activated your SLACK account, introduce yourself to everyone in the team.  They will welcome you warmly and be ready to guide you when you have questions. Contribute right away or observe for a bit.  We will prompt you to participate.  After all, wallflowers don’t get to dance.  We want you to dance!

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